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Home for Summer or an Internship at School?

I come from a background where family is very important. After going to college, I realized how much I miss being away from my family. I recently found out about a great summer internship program that I would love to take part in. This program will require me to spend the entire summer at school but it would be a great activity to add to my resume. I am really conflicted because part of me wants to go home, while part of me is saying I should participate in this awesome program. What should I do?

Mama Luv totally understands the importance of family and how we always want to spend time with them! However, occasionally we must choose what’s best for our career when the opportunity doors open. In your case, Mama Luv feels that if there isn’t a critical reason for you to be at home (e.g., illness in family), then staying at school for the internship will be better in the long-run. In fact, you may even develop close friendships that can be very similar to family! Although it may not seem like that now, trust me - it really can happen. If it’s really important for you to stay with your family, consider other internships that are near home. There are always alternative solutions, so keep your chin up, strut with confidence, and shake what your mama gave ya! Mama Luv is here to help.
Mama Luv

I can totally relate! I’ve been so homesick since coming to Berkeley, and all I want to do this summer is relax at home with my family and friends. However, this internship sounds like an amazing opportunity. Family and those who love you will always be there through thick and thin, no matter how long you stay away from home. This internship would be an investment in your future, and sound like an awesome chance to build up your resume. Although family comes first, your own happiness and future are equally important, and taking this job sounds like it will give you a step up in the right direction.

—Cal Barista

I totally understand where you’re coming from – you want to go home during breaks, relax, chill out with the people you love. But if your family is anything like, well most families, then I’m sure they would want you to do what would be best for your future. Your family loves you and will be there for you always, but this is the time in your life where you need to create and explore yourself outside of the ties from family and comfort. Have them come visit you maybe, or go down on a weekend. Either way, don’t pass up a great opportunity that you might regret not taking advantage of later down the line.


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